Sour Cream Lemon Pie

Yesterday I was too full to have a piece of my birthday pie so I opted to eat it this evening after our day of shopping. I didn’t end up eating the entire piece because it was too sweet after all my bad eating choices today.

My eating may have been but I scored In the home furnishing department. With a new house on the horizon (hopefully by mid October) my mom took me shopping for my future home. My colors are going to be gray and beige with accents of pink (without making it too girly). I got some awesome gray curtains and a throw for our room as well as a plush pink towel for me.

We went to a local discount store that sells all the extras and returns from Costco and we found Zojirushi rice cookers! This is an excellent brand of ricer which sells for over $100. I got one that looked like it had never been used for $39 (well it was actually a birthday gift from my wonderful mother)! I am so excited and looking forward to moving into our first home!


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