Cottage Cheese & A Four Legged Strawberry

My morning snack consists of 1/2 cup cottage and monstrous strawberry. It looks like 4 berries grew together and created this luscious beauty… Yum! And I’m drinking some leftover coffee.


Egg White McMuffin

I brought McDonalds to my home without even having to leave my house and I’m sure it was a much healthier breakfast too! I made an egg white McMuffin and it was delicious… Well what I ate of it any way, Mumu decided he was hungry after all so I had to share. I Used a toasted English muffin with a little yogurt butter spread and topped it with two egg whites, a thin slice (45 calorie) of cheddar cheese and a piece of Canadian bacon. All melty and delicious!

Sunshine Coffee

There is something so nice about sitting outside with a hot cup of coffee as the sun starts to shine in the morning. We have an awesome back deck with a toddler slide and sand table set up for Mumu Kutchu. It’s so nice to bring Mumu out in the morning to watch him toddle around while I get the energy I need (coffee) to get my day started. Fresh air, sunshine, coffee and motherhood are the perfect start to any day!

Egg Whites, Bacon & Ezekiel Toast with Apricot Jam

Every morning I wake up thinking “today is the day, the day I get my eating back on track.” I make a healthy breakfast and then everything seems to go down hill after that. The past 2 weeks or so have been hard. I know this isn’t a good excuse but my husband and I are in the process of trying to buy a house or if that doesn’t work out we will be moving to a rental. I’m so excited I’m practically bursting at the seams, probably literally with the way I’ve been eating. All that’s been on my mind is “moving,” “I will have my own place again,” “de-clutter” and EAT! Why eat? Grr!

Anyways, Nature’s Hollow is a really good sugar free brand that uses Xylitol, a natural sweetener that is better than artificial Splenda. They make SF jams, syrups, ketchup, honey, BBQ sauce, etc.

Finnish Oven Pancake with Chicken Sausage


With yard sale season comes cheap cookbooks! With our new cookbook supply I figured I should probably start testing out some new recipes. This recipe was titled a Finnish oven pancake, which is very similar to the Dutch babies I grew up eating. The pancake tasted good but I would stick with my recipe in the long run, its more tasty and has much less calories and sugar content. They both taste best topped with powdered sugar and lemon juice! I did have two chicken sausage links that I cut up in the hopes I would eat slower. In the end my son ended up eating most the sausage though.

Veraci Pizza



There is something so delicious about eating a “healthy like” clay oven baked Farmers market pizza that makes you doubt your decision of ever having eaten Little Caesar or Pizza Hut pizza. This thin crusted pizza is topped with cheese, red onion, Italian sausage, dates and arugula…mm mm good!