4/30: Best Way to End the Night


Of course this is my favorite morning, mid day and night time treat. Coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans (another Costco find). 


4/30: Mushroom & Brussel Sprouts on a Gluten Free Bun


My family had turkey burgers this evening and I pushed through and stuck with my vegetable plan. I cooked up brussel sprouts and mushrooms and placed them overflowing on half a gluten free bun. Yum! 

4/30: Jo Jos

Here is another snack with no image. This was a fail for me, both unintentional and intentional. My mom picked me up from work today and we stopped off at the store to buy some things for Mumu’s birthday (he will be ONE on May 6th). I can’t believe it’s already that time already! Anyways he was fussing so I stopped at the deli to get him a snack. I didn’t even think about the fact Jo Jos had wheat on them, I even purposely didn’t get popcorn chicken because I was avoiding wheat. I ate a few because it was potato but it didn’t occur to me there was wheat on them until after they were in my belly. So disappointing.. either way they were an unhealthy choice I made.

4/30: Dried Cherries with Dry Roasted Almonds

I forgot to take the picture!! I am someone who would never have eaten dried cherries but of course I sampled them at Costco and simply fell in love. These were so sweet and delicious. I took 12 dried cherries, a serving size, and put half a dry roasted almond inside each of them (where the pit had been removed).  It was the perfect combination!  I’m sure I will eat these again soon and will provide a picture. If you haven’t tried dry cherries then nows the time to venture out (probably to Costco) and snag a bag (pay for them of course)!

4/30: Peace, Quiet & Coffee


Occasionally I have to catch a ride in to work with my husband and he has to leave before the office I work at is even open. Days like today he drops me off at the coffee shop around the corner, all quiet and peaceful, and I get to enjoy 30 minutes of reading with a cup of hot coffee. Honestly I should do this more often because when there is nothing pressing needing to be done I can sit and rest and feel more awake for work. Yes, I have times of quiet when my little boy is sleeping but then I’m haunted by all the things I need to get done… blogging, laundry, cleaning, cooking, sleeping… but at the coffee shop I can’t do any of those things but enjoy a good book. Love it!