Meet Autumn

Oh where to begin!?

My name is Autumn and I am a stay at home mom to 2 adorable little boys who keep me busy but not enough to keep the fat off of my post prego body. In the past I’ve used this blog as a means to share recipes as well as document what I eat so I can visually see the quantity and quality of food I consume each day. I have tried all types of diets and meal plans such as counting calories, going gluten free, less sugar, less fat, more fiber, and so on and so forth and it’s exhausting! Every time I failed I would restart and each time it seemed harder than before.

As much as I want to eat healthy I also LOVE junk food! I love Schwan’s ice cream, I love going out for coffee and donuts with my husband, I love a friend date latte and I LOVE baking! It’s really hard to remove cakes and cookies from my diet when just the process of making them is so enjoyable to me.

*Life Changer Alert!

Well… my mom recently discovered the book “How to Have Your Cake and Your Skinny Jeans Too” by Josie Spinardi. It’s amazing! It’s literally like she is in your head explaining why and how you’ve ever pigged out in your entire life.  We each read through it and honestly it has been life changing! It teaches you to eat intuitively, to recognize when you are hungry as well as when you are full.  She even explains how diets DO NOT WORK! And you are free to eat WHATEVER YOU WANT! Trust me, my first thought was, “Say What? Sign me up!”

I will not go into great detail on this book because I think you should read it yourself for a much better understanding. In conclusion though – I will be changing this blog up a bit.  It will no longer be focusing on counting calories, sugar, fat or fiber (not that I’m giving up on eating healthy). It’s going to focus more on choosing to eat foods that I LOVE. When you become aware of your body and learn to only eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full it’s crazy how little fuel you find your body needs. Why waste my hunger on something I find mediocre, such as Top Ramen, when I can eat Lemon Chicken Pasta Alfredo made with heavy whipping cream, knowing that I can just stop when I’m full and still lose weight? The freedom to eat anything suddenly opens up a whole new world. You no longer have to shove every fat sugary thing down your throat the day before so you can be ready to eat healthy and start dieting AGAIN tomorrow.

I’m at the beginning of this journey and learning how to read my bodies hunger cues too. I will be posting updates, showing what I do eat as well as recipes that I think are just crazy delicious! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

**As a side note – I have Type 1 Diabetes in my family. I do not have it but genetically my children are next in line to get it. I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old that as of yet show no signs of it but I want to be prepared if any or all my children do.  I cant prevent Diabetes 1 but I figure if I feed my children lower sugar foods, like popcorn over a chocolate chip granola bar, then if this diagnosis occurs they will already be used to this way of eating. My point is that I will also be suggesting snack ideas and learning to prepare some less sugary foods as well.  If you are diabetic I would love some food suggestions since I really have little knowledge of Diabetes.






2 thoughts on “Meet Autumn

  1. I started a blog on healthy eating with a lifelong friend in 2010. We both had battled the bulge for years. Once we started writing about healthy eating, i got religion and began to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Sadly, my friend was not able to give up on items that you mention like fried chicken, pizza, etc. He had an angioplasty in August and stopped speaking to me in December. I hope you have better luck with the junk food.

    • Thanks for your encouraging posts! I love hearing success stories and am sorry to hear that your friend was unable to make the same life changes you were. I too hope I can overcome this junk food issue!

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