Personal Veggie/ Fruit Tray

I’ve been working on adding more fiber into our diet and reducing the amount of processed foods we eat as well. I like fruits and veggies just fine but actually getting myself to go to the fridge and get them out for a snack is another issue. It feels so time consuming to cut an apple or peel an orange.

Yesterday my sister-in-law came over for a visit. She has PKU which means she can’t eat protein. I made up a fruit and veggie tray to stick out so she would have something to snack on. Of course since it was in front of me I snacked on it as well… And I enjoyed it! I had no guilt either!

I tend to eat what’s in front of me so if I put healthy things out instead of chips and junk then I’d probably make some better choices. So… I have decided to start making my own veggie and fruit tray to put out during the day for my little family to snack on.

This morning I got up and refreshed my tray and added some new things. If I were to eat this entire tray alone it would be 14 grams of fiber and 331 calories. If you leave out the hummus it’s still 11 grams of fiber and only 181 calories. I’m not saying you have to eat it all… Just showing how much you can eat for such a low amount of calories compared to other munchies.


Just to show comparison and give an example what I usually will snack on…
Granola Bar: 190 calories; 3 grams of fiber


A couple slices of cheese… Just because it’s good!
1 ounce: 110 calories; 0 fiber

Sun Chips…convenient…
1 package is 140 calories; 2 grams of fiber

Or a random Almond Chocolate Biscotti in your cupboard…
1 biscotti is 160 calories; 1 gram of fiber

None of these are necessarily bad if eaten in moderation but I’m someone who may eat all of it in a day plus my meals… Not the whole block of cheese, just a couple of slices 🙂
A serving size of each of these adds up to 600 calories and only 6 grams of fiber… Plus you feel guilty after eating them ALL 😉
There may be some fiber in them but the serving sizes are much smaller and tend to lead me on to another snack.
If I’m prepared with healthy fruits and veggies then I don’t go toward these like I normally would.


Cleaning Sticky Grease

I recently learned you are not supposed to use PAM on your pans, especially the nonstick ones. After years of not understanding why all my pans have sticky gunk on them which I can’t remove I finally figured out how to get it off.

Last night I happened to be frying catfish po boys for Mardi Gras and managed to get grease everywhere (that’s what happens without a fryer!)… Including the bottom of my pan. It was thick enough I knew I needed to find a quick fix because scrubbing was not going to work! I was googling and reading comment after comment and nothing sounded like a product I had or something I wanted to do. And then… Someone randomly mentioned dish soap and baking soda might work.

It sounded easy enough so I squirted out a blob of dish soap, sprinkled on baking soda, spread it around and let it sit for a few minutes. When I came back I scrubbed it with the green side of a sponge and in less than a minute my pan was so much better!