Pecans & Banana Chips

I survived day 3 of Insanity.

My morning workout left me feeling like I could barely keep up but I still ended it drenched in sweat and half dead! Looking for a simple post workout snack I came up with pecans and banana chips. This was surprisingly a very good combination and one of my new favorite snacks.


Multi Grain Pancake & Turkey Bacon


I’m sore this morning.

My Insanity workout left me sore and tight today. I’m a little nervous to do it again but hopeful for what exercise will do for me! I made Trader Joes multigrain pancakes and some turkey bacon to start my day off. Yesterday I ate after my workout so today I decided to eat before so I could see which makes me feel better.

Coffee & Cookies

I am getting ready for coffee, cookies and a Korean Drama.

I picked up some Speculoos yesterday at Trader Joes… They are a cinnamon spiced Belgian cookie. I am laying in my bed dipping these crunchy treats into a nice hot cup of Joe. A new episode of The Master’s Sun is on Drama Fever so I will definitely be falling asleep to this cute sweet story. My husband is doing homework or I would be hanging out with him… I’m not that neglectful!

Reuben Not On Rye

Who doesn’t love unexpected guests right at dinner time?

This evening I was scrounging around the fridge and cupboards looking for something to feed my family. Just as I frustratedly was thinking, “we have nothing!” I hear a knock at the door. My mom (who was at work) forgot to tell me that my grandparents, uncle and cousins were coming over! There I was, all sweaty and hot as can be, welcoming my family inside, having no prior knowledge of them coming over. Needless to say dinner was not made (for lack of options) and we ended up scrounging up some stuff for sandwiches after 9pm at night. We didn’t go out for fast food though so that’s a good thing!

Tilapia with Risotto & Rice

Sick baby alert!

After an eventful day of school shopping for my brothers yesterday I realized that my little Mumu had a fever. He was such a good boy shopping and didn’t even fuss. He still has a fever today but thankfully he is still eating and keeping hydrated. He shared my lunch with me… Tilapia with a side of risotto and rice.

I’m really feeling my exercise now. My body is so sore and I’m exhausted now. Luckily Manly has a short day of school and will be home soon.

Omelet, Turkey Bacon & Toast

As you can see this past week I have totally pigged out!

After another Chinese food buffet yesterday we finally made it to Trader Joes to get some fresh, low sugar Ezekiel bread. Today I am getting on track! My birthday festivities are over so I can officially put birthday meals and desserts behind me… I hope!

My Manly got me Insanity, a workout routine as hard as the name has described. It’s a 60 day program, which I want to start now, so I can potentially be way more fit, than I am now, for my best friends wedding in October. Boy am I sore now!

Coffee & Granola

Simple. Simple. Simple.

Sometimes I really don’t want a big breakfast. All I need is a small bowl of cereal and some coffee to get my day going.

Today Mumu and I will be joining in on some back-to-school shopping for my brothers. Maybe we will find something too… Who says you have to go back-to-school to need new clothes?