Orange Chiffon Cream Salad

As an official mother of two, it takes a lot more work going places, such as the grocery store. This morning I got Mumu, who is now 2, and my sweet little Bug, who is 6 weeks old, ready to go shopping. Mumu packed up his suitcase and wanted to bring it along. In theory I would have liked to say, “sure my boy, let’s bring that suitcase to the grocery store so you can pull it down the aisles as cute as can be,” but I opted to leave it behind. Between him, his bear, the baby, the diaper bag and my purse, I definitely didn’t want to bring along anymore “luggage.” After our sweaty (I have no AC in my car) trip to two beyond busy grocery stores I managed to make it home with my two crying babies, so thankful they both waited until we got home to make a scene!

Once we got inside I started getting stuff put away and happened to look inside Mumu’s suitcase. He had packed 10 pairs of undies and a bottle of sunscreen. What a prepared boy! It’s cute things like this – and later finding him trying to poop standing up, over his mini urinal, that make parenting worth it. Parenting is hard, exhausting and frustrating but the good definitely out weighs the bad!

Tonight we are having a late double graduation party for my brother and my hubby. I wanted to produce NO heat so I could make this simple and delicious COLD treat! We will be grilling at my mom’s house so no worries… I’m not starving my guests and only offering them this jello salad – although it is quite amazing!

This Orange Chiffon Jello Salad is the reason I packed my boys out the front door this morning. It is so so so easy, refreshing and delish!

Orange Chiffon Cream Salad
3 oz Orange Jello powder
1/2 a bag Mini Marshmallows
8 oz crushed pineapple (keep juice)
15 oz can of mandarin oranges (drained)
6 oz frozen orange juice thawed
16 oz cool whip
16 oz sour cream
Optional: an extra can of mandarins to decorate the top

In a bowl mix together orange jello powder, marshmallows, pineapple, oranges and orange juice. Add in cool whip and sour cream and stir to combine but as little as possible.

If you want put it in a prettier bowl and decorate with extra mandarins. Let set in fridge for at least an hour before serving. Enjoy!