Gluten Free Bread

I recently did a blind taste testing with my family. I bought a pre-made flour mix (Namaste Foods) at the store. Using the bread recipe on the package I made bread with their flour and then bread with my own made up flour.  I then gave each of my family members a bite of each without them knowing which was which. All six of us voted the bread made with my flour mix as the winner over the store bought kind. This is the recipe that came on the packaged flour and I substituted my own flour mix as well as did a couple things differently. I have the intent to market my flour mix so at this time I will not be giving out the actual mix I used but I will provide you with another mix that is really good.


Gluten Free Bread

4 cups gluten free flour

2 tsp. xanthum gum*

3 eggs (room temperature)

1 tbs. cider vinegar

2 tbs. oil

2 tbs. honey or agave nectar

1 tbs. rapid rise yeast

1/4 cup warm water (only if baking in oven)

Oven Baking Directions:

*Do not add the xanthum gum if your gluten free flour already has it in it.

Mix yeast in warm water and let sit for five minutes. Warm milk (in the microwave or the stove), add oil, honey and vinegar. Beat eggs until light and fluffy and then add to milk mixture. Add the yeast mixture to it and blend. Add in the dry ingredients and mix on medium speed for 3 minutes. The texture will be sticky so don’t worry that you’ve done it wrong. Pour into a well greased loaf pan and cover loosely with sprayed wax paper or plastic wrap. Let rise for 45 minutes in a warm place. I usually leave it on the stove to rise while the oven is preheating. Preheat oven to 350 degrees  (325 if using glass pans). Bake 30 minutes and then if you’d like cover it loosely with foil to keep it from overbrowning (I didn’t do this). Continue to bake for another 30-45 minutes. Let cool. Enjoy!


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