Shrimp Fried Rice Omelet

I’m starting my day off with a shrimp fried rice omelet. I have never had one before but this is quite tasty! It’s just half a cup fried rice cooked inside a 2 egg omelet, no cheese. This idea came from the Asian shows I love so much!


Personal Pan Dutch Baby Pancake & Grapefruit


So my mom and have started making a meal plan for the week. We have been doing only dinner for the past month and realized we should expand and plan out our breakfasts and lunches as well. Being pregnant makes me even more nervous of weight gain!

We were thinking of all the different diets we have done, such as: high fiber, gluten free, low sugar, counting calories, by body type, etc. and where each of these have been beneficial to us we end up failing in the end. Yes, I want a low sugar diet but I still want to be able to enjoy an apple fritter on occasion. We realized if we could incorporate all these diets into our meal plans then maybe we can get ourselves together and get healthy!

We have eaten much better and less fast food in the past month since we know exactly what we are having for dinner instead of having to scavenge around looking for something to make.

As we get our eating plan more smoothed out I can explain things more. Today was day one of planning out all 3 meals so I made a personal pan Dutch baby pancake and enjoyed half a grapefruit. My total calories was 364.

Oatmeal, Egg Whites & Turkey Bacon

Well as you can see I haven’t been on here in a long time! I recently found out my husband and i are pregnant with our second little one, due in May 2014. I realized I probably should get back on track, especially with the holiday season, if I don’t want to gain a bunch! Along with the baby news comes our new home which is finally being built. Our home should be done December 2nd! So we have lots of good things to look forward to! Now I need to work on my eating so I can feel good about that too!