4/30: Jo Jos

Here is another snack with no image. This was a fail for me, both unintentional and intentional. My mom picked me up from work today and we stopped off at the store to buy some things for Mumu’s birthday (he will be ONE on May 6th). I can’t believe it’s already that time already! Anyways he was fussing so I stopped at the deli to get him a snack. I didn’t even think about the fact Jo Jos had wheat on them, I even purposely didn’t get popcorn chicken because I was avoiding wheat. I ate a few because it was potato but it didn’t occur to me there was wheat on them until after they were in my belly. So disappointing.. either way they were an unhealthy choice I made.


4/17: Enchilada



This where I have no portion control. I ate a decent size plate of dinner plus two extra snacks during my day and I still went back and took more. Disappointing… 

4/14: Burrito with a Diet Squirt



I have been wanting a burrito for a long time so I gladly enjoyed this one tonight. Beans, taco meat, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and salsa. Yum! I tried out some diet squirt tonight as well and was happy for another zero calorie drink option. 

4/12: GF Cinnamon Roll with Coffee and Cream


I managed to talk my husband out of his second cinnamon roll because he had cookies (with wheat) that I didn’t want to eat. We each enjoyed a cinnamon roll with coffee and cream while watching Modern Family. It’s nice to have some time together, even when it’s short.