4/30: Spicy Hummus with Veggies



I enjoyed a small bowl of “sorta” spicy hummus with carrots and cucumber. Hummus is so good! As much as I love vegetables I like to have a little something on them for me to enjoy them better… this hummus really hits the spot! 


4/29: Cucumber Cottage Cheese Boats & Strawberries



Continuing with my plan to make fruits and veggies my main man in each meal I ate half a cucumber with 1/3 cup cottage cheese mixed with basil and cilantro. I followed a recipe from Pinterest and didn’t find it to be that amazing. I would just assume eat some cucumber slices with plain old cottage cheese. I ate a few strawberries as well. 

4/28: Baby Lettuce Salad with Almonds, Light Babybel Cheese & Oil-Free Dressing


Eating the brussel sprouts and strawberries seemed to trigger my hunger big time since I hadn’t eaten all day, except for juice and coffee. My sister made shrimp and grits for dinner and I SOO wanted to eat it but I stuck to my guns and made a little salad. I used up the rest of our baby lettuce (5 calories), chopped up 3 almonds (20 calories) and have a piece of Babybel swiss cheese (25 calories). I then drizzled some Java Sesame vinaigrette over the top (5 calories). Yes I did add some protein to my salad but my main goal is to have the vegetable (or fruit) be the most important thing on my plate. I feel I accomplished this. Total snack = 55 calories. 

4/28: Brussel Sprouts & Strawberries



Because I don’t actually enjoy starving myself I decided to add in fruits and vegetables to my diet. I really like them but tend to forget to prepare them because I’m too busy chowing down on the fatty foods. I want to start adding healthy foods back into my diet and stay gluten free as well. For now and maybe the next day or two I want to focus on vegetables and fruits as the main focus in my eating. Tonight I made brussel sprouts in a little garlic butter and had a side of strawberries. 

4/6: Chicken & Shrimp Fried Rice Substituted with Cauliflower

4/6: Chicken & Shrimp Fried Rice Substituted with Cauliflower

Today I made fried rice using grated cauliflower instead of rice. I accidentally made it a little spicier than I liked so I did add 1/4 cup of rice to it at the end.

I am always willing to try a healthier version of something that I love. If I can eat a larger quantity with less calories than I’m willing. Some changes aren’t worth it though and I’m not sure I think cauliflower is a worth it change. If you make regular fried rice and you put lots of veggies and some protein in it then using 1/2 cup rice goes a long way. You have a nice size portion and your meal wouldn’t be above 260 calories (less with certain changes). For this portion size I realized I would use half as much chicken, that alone would take off 25 calories.

This dish was 240 calories. If I had not added the 1/4 cup rice then it would have only been 180 calories. Yes, cauliflower is less calories but it only tasted fine to me. I like delicious! So in my opinion… stick with rice.

4/1: Egg Salad on Pita Bread with a Side of Garlic Butter Brussel Sprouts

4/1: Egg Salad on Pita Bread with a Side of Garlic Butter Brussel Sprouts

The day after Easter definitely calls for egg salad sandwiches. I cut up two boiled eggs and mixed them with a little mayo, salt and pepper to put on my pita bread.

Brussel sprouts just may be my favorite vegetable so of course I cooked up a serving size of those with a little butter and garlic salt for lunch.