4/30: Spicy Hummus with Veggies



I enjoyed a small bowl of “sorta” spicy hummus with carrots and cucumber. Hummus is so good! As much as I love vegetables I like to have a little something on them for me to enjoy them better… this hummus really hits the spot! 


4/29: Cucumber & Carrots with Supremely Spicy Hummus


My evening snack consisted of trying out some supposedly supremely spicy hummus. It was not as spicy as I imagined but I found it to be just perfect for my veggies. I really enjoyed this snack and loved it with cucumbers and carrots. This Sabra hummus we found at Costco while we were doing some shopping. I was proud of myself because I did eat some samples, some baked potato fry thing and dried cherries but I avoided all wheat and anything that was not a vegetable.