Pecans & Banana Chips

I survived day 3 of Insanity.

My morning workout left me feeling like I could barely keep up but I still ended it drenched in sweat and half dead! Looking for a simple post workout snack I came up with pecans and banana chips. This was surprisingly a very good combination and one of my new favorite snacks.


Coffee & Cookies

I am getting ready for coffee, cookies and a Korean Drama.

I picked up some Speculoos yesterday at Trader Joes… They are a cinnamon spiced Belgian cookie. I am laying in my bed dipping these crunchy treats into a nice hot cup of Joe. A new episode of The Master’s Sun is on Drama Fever so I will definitely be falling asleep to this cute sweet story. My husband is doing homework or I would be hanging out with him… I’m not that neglectful!

Dutch Baby Flan with Raspberries

Do you know what the bad thing about getting up early is? It makes you feel like you need an extra meal in the day! My son gets me up by 6:30 every day so by the time I get him fed then I am ready for breakfast. Breakfast by 7:30 usually leaves me feeling hungry for lunch about an hour too early which throws everything off. Today, since its not quite lunch time, I decided to brew up some more coffee and treat myself to another slice of Dutch baby flan. This time I topped it with raspberries, whipped topping and coconut.

Black Coffee & Biscotti


Since I had no snack foods to bring with me to work I ended up grabbing a chocolate chip biscotti with my normal cup of black coffee at the coffee shop near my work. I started with just a small reasonable portion but by the time I got of work and realized I had to go to the store I ended up eating more of it. I am someone who doesn’t do well without snacks, I get all nauseous and dizzy. Now, since I went to the store, I will have healthier options to feed my bad self.