My Fitness Pal


I have recently started recording my food intake at The site makes it easy to plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. The food database is filled with just about every brand of food out there with all the nutritional information. There is a recipe section that allows you to enter in a recipe and it totals up the nutritional information for you. Then you can to easily figure out how much you are allowed to eat.

If you keep a food diary you can look at other people’s meal plans and add them to your own. ┬áMy mom has an account and I can get meal ideas from her and directly transfer them into my day. If you are interested in seeing an even more in-depth look at meal ideas you can click through to “my” MyFitnessPal food diary as well as see the actual images on here.


Cheerior and Milk


I LOVE cheerios! Especially cheerios in ice cold milk. I have not had them in so long… since before I had Mumu Kutchu. I craved them during my pregnancy but when I gave up wheat the cheerios had to go too. Now that I’m watching carbs and sugar I have decided to eat wheat again. It’s much harder to binge on bread when your’re limiting your carb and sugar intakes. So for a late night snack I enjoyed a cup of cheerios (100 calories) with a half cup of 2% milk. Cheerios are only 1 carb and 1 gram of sugar whereas a half cup milk is 6 grams of sugar! Looks like I will be looking for a milk like alternative. Oh and I enjoyed it in a baby bowl since all the dishes were in the dishwasher… hehe.

Tilapia, Orzo & Veggies


My mom found these convenient pre-packaged tilapia meals at our local discount grocery store. There were two servings and this was my portion. A tilapia filet with some sort of sauce (I’m not sure what it was), orzo (I think), and steamed veggies. I am not a huge fan of frozen carrots or zucchini so that wasn’t my favorite but everything else tasted good when you take into account it was a low sugar/ carb microwave meal. Worth it!

Cinnamon Coffee


Having to cut out sugar means lattes and creamer are not good choices for me… eek! In my quest to figure out anyway to still enjoy my daily coffee I added cinnamon to the coffee grounds. Adding the cinnamon gave the coffee so much more flavor! It infused into the whole cup of Joe and was a great step towards finding the perfect cup of no sugar coffee.

The Belly Fat Cure


So… I have new eating plan and I think it’s a good one. I am always trying to figure out a better and more reasonable way to live a healthy lifestyle. This book uses the Carb Swap System. It’s based on the fact that sugar is a huge role in the jiggly belly issue. Everyday you are allowed 15 grams of sugar and 6 servings of carbs. Carbs are measured in servings so if your food falls into the range of 5-20 grams of carbs then it’s considered one serving. 21-40 grams is two servings, etc.It has been shocking to learn how much sugar is in everything we eat, even the so called “healthy” things. A small can of V8 juice has 8 grams of sugar. One little can of vegetable juice uses up over half the sugar you can have in a day! Not worth it!