Making Changes

Eating intuitively seems like such common sense but in my real world I’ve spent my entire life over eating and eating when I wasn’t hungry. There is something about dieting, telling yourself you can’t eat certain foods, that suddenly makes you crazy for food. When I would tell myself… you can’t have that donut… it was like 20 times harder not to eat it. 

Allowing yourself to eat ANYTHING and learning your hunger cues is so exciting! Food no longer feels like it has a hold on me since I can eat whenever and whatever I want. At the end of the day it’s not so much, “how much did I eat today?” but more like “how much DIDN’T I eat today?” I am having so much fun starting this journey and I can already see some positive results. 

Today I started my morning with a high fiber pancake with maple syrup and a slice of turkey bacon. Normally I would probably eat 2 of each and still feel a little deprived (or at least think I’m deprived). Around 10:30 I drank half a cup of coffee with some creamer because I was sooo tired! For lunch I had one Tilapia Fish Taco with Spicy Coleslaw. Then for dinner I ate half a grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough with tomato soup, roasted asparagus and watermelon. I didn’t even finish my soup because I felt good. And for dessert I enjoyed a slice of Raspberry Cream Pie with a scoop of Schwan’s Raspberry Rumble ice cream. A great way to end the day! 



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