Cleaning Sticky Grease

I recently learned you are not supposed to use PAM on your pans, especially the nonstick ones. After years of not understanding why all my pans have sticky gunk on them which I can’t remove I finally figured out how to get it off.

Last night I happened to be frying catfish po boys for Mardi Gras and managed to get grease everywhere (that’s what happens without a fryer!)… Including the bottom of my pan. It was thick enough I knew I needed to find a quick fix because scrubbing was not going to work! I was googling and reading comment after comment and nothing sounded like a product I had or something I wanted to do. And then… Someone randomly mentioned dish soap and baking soda might work.

It sounded easy enough so I squirted out a blob of dish soap, sprinkled on baking soda, spread it around and let it sit for a few minutes. When I came back I scrubbed it with the green side of a sponge and in less than a minute my pan was so much better!



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