Brown Butter Tilapia with Roasted Broccoli

I really love to bake but I’m trying to move from all the unhealthy sweets I want to make to focusing more on some healthy and high fiber meals. Tonight is rice Wednesday so I thought I’d make some fish to go with it. Normally I just pop a couple tilapia fillets in the oven with blackened seasoning or lemon pepper. They taste yummy but I’m getting bored of those favors. Tonight I thought I’d do some Pinteresting (if that’s a word) and try out some new recipes.

My first recipe was Brown Butter Tilapia with Toasted Basil Butter Crumbs and it was so delicious! I love brown butter and it goes so perfectly with the fish! I did not have basil on hand so I used thyme but either way it’s a keeper!

The second recipe I tried was for roasted broccoli. I usually just steam it but thought I’d try something new. It was worth it. I will now be buying broccoli in bulk at Costco… Especially since even my 1-1/2 year was a huge fan!



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