Turkey Bacon Wrapped Egg Whites

Im just changing up the look of my normal low calorie breakfast. I will be heading out soon to turn in some paperwork. My husband and I are finally in the process of buying a house, one that hasn’t even been built yet! We get to pick colors, fixtures, flooring, etc. We are so excited and ready to move. For a little over 2 years now we have lived with family. My mom invited us to move in so we could save money for a house and now the time has finally come! We “boomerangers” (children who move out and then move back in their early 20s) are finally getting our own place!


5 thoughts on “Turkey Bacon Wrapped Egg Whites

      • I agree! Our loan required us to have an accepted offer by August 16th. The person working with us went on vacation the entire week before this deadline and didn’t even let us know. Needless to say we frantically managed to get everything together and had an accepted offer on the 14th! It was a close call or we would have had to wait until December when their budget was reevaluated before we could start looking again!

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