Lazy Mac & Cheese with Sparkling Lime Water

My husband And I were just approved to buy a house. We chose one that has not been built yet so we could pick colors and such. We barely missed a deadline for our loan and excitedly have been planning out how we are going to set up house. This morning we found out that our loan requires that the builders landscape the entire yard. The house only comes with front yard landscaping which could cause us to lose our financing! Currently we have sent in the request and are very much hoping they will do this for us or we potentially won’t get to buy a house until late October at the earliest! Needless to say I am feeling discouraged after all this excitement… Which brings me to my lunch and the lack of want to cook. So here I sit eating microwave Kraft Mac & cheese and a glass of sparkling lime water. Sounds weird but its quite yummy! I have given up drinking soda so this is a good alternative!


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