Cinnamon Oatmeal with Egg Whites, Strawberries & Coffee


I’m back! This Monday has been a nice relaxing day as I get myself back into eating right and blogging. This past week my hubby finished school for the summer and he will have every weekend off until the end of August! Needless to say this past week was like one big party! Celebrations for our newly turned 1 year old, enjoying some much needed family time plus Mother’s Day did not keep me eating healthy or taking food pictures. I honestly was enjoying the fatty foods in life but at least was being active by walking, playing frisbee and being out and about with my boys.

Today Manly headed to work and I am enjoying a nice day indoors as the rain pours outside. I made myself 1/2 cup oatmeal and added in some cinnamon and agave nectar. I cooked up a couple egg whites and enjoyed a side of strawberries and coffee.


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