4/28: Baby Lettuce Salad with Almonds, Light Babybel Cheese & Oil-Free Dressing


Eating the brussel sprouts and strawberries seemed to trigger my hunger big time since I hadn’t eaten all day, except for juice and coffee. My sister made shrimp and grits for dinner and I SOO wanted to eat it but I stuck to my guns and made a little salad. I used up the rest of our baby lettuce (5 calories), chopped up 3 almonds (20 calories) and have a piece of Babybel swiss cheese (25 calories). I then drizzled some Java Sesame vinaigrette over the top (5 calories). Yes I did add some protein to my salad but my main goal is to have the vegetable (or fruit) be the most important thing on my plate. I feel I accomplished this. Total snack = 55 calories. 


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