4/28: Finding “That” Body Again

You will be proud to know I took Mumu on a run/ walk today. I haven’t ran consistently since I found out I was pregnant (about 2 years ago) so I am having to catch back up on my mad running skills (they were never that great..haha). I think I could run longer stretches but I am having to get used to this whole jogging stroller thing. I’m so used to being able to use my arms while jogging and now I have to hold on to this big clunky thing… it’s weird how exhausting it is on your arms! Of course I ran to a garage sale which my run even better!

I definitely want to get in shape! I have always had some extra flab but had a period of time where I was slim and tone! I want that hot bod back again! Of course at the time I didn’t realize how good I looked…

These two pictures of me are my first year of college. I gained the freshman 15 by eating too much cafeteria food, lattes and cheesy bread from Papa Johns!



This is the following year when I started taking ballroom and latin dance classes and I started losing weight. I also took 6 P.E. classes during the summer which made me slim and tone. I wish I would have realized at the time how great I looked!


I not only lost some weight taking dance classes but I also scored this good looking guy. Manly is one of those “active running” people and he definitely had a good influence on me. I started doing some running to be “more like him.” I had to keep up with him if he was going to let me run with him! Actually he is very patient and would never have left me behind if I wanted to go.

I got to be a bride whose wedding dress was too big on her wedding day… I think every girl wants to hear that… short of it falling off during the ceremony of course.


Then I did my first triathlon with my new hubby!


Look at those nice muscly legs!


I summited Mt. Hood in Oregon. Manly was required to take outdoorsy classes for his college degree and of course I didn’t want to worry so I took the classes too so I good go with! It was totally out of my comfort zone but I did it. Our instructor thought I wasn’t capable and almost didn’t let me summit. He said Manly would have to turn back if I slowed them down. Well I proved them wrong! I was faster than two men on that trip. Woot!


And of course I had to go and ride my bike across the United States, Seattle, WA to Annapolis, Maryland to be exact. Don’t I look great!? And I didn’t even know it… I wish I had that body again for sure!

Then I started putting on some weight again… gradually losing all that muscle I had worked so hard for! Fatty thighs…


Flabby arms and belly…


Then I became a cute pregnant lady…


I became gluten free around this time and it really benefited me in keeping me from not gaining a crazy amount of weight!


Not too bad for 2 months after having had a baby…


10 months after Mumu arrived…


And me now… almost a year after having a baby.  Now I want to lose 15 lbs. to get down to 135 at least and then firm up this flabby body! And I want long hair again…

DSC_0142 DSC_0143

This is the new plan I was thinking on trying out… I found it on the page of Undressed Skeleton, an inspirational weight loss blog. I guess we will see how it goes…



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