4/27: Fresh Squeezed Lemonade and a New Plan


As you can see I have not posted the last few days. I have been so worn out taking care of my little guy and all the other random things that need to be done. I have been testing out new gluten free recipes to possibly sell at the coffee shop and so of course have been eating way too many baked goods. I feel totally out of control and decided to step back and try and get my eating back on track.

A few months ago my mom and I decided to do the Bariatric Diet Minus Gastric Bypass (BDMGB) eating plan. The first 2 days you have a completely clear liquid diet (if you can see through it then you can drink it); then you progress to 5 days of a full liquid diet which includes cream soups and such; the next 7 days are soft foods, if it doesn’t melt in your mouth then you can’t have it. After that you start adding in your real foods again. We actually did this faithfully until the soft foods part of the plan. I failed once I went on a family vacation and ate out way too much. This biggest thing though is I went back to eating wheat after this. Most unhealthy food choices actually contain wheat. If you cut wheat out it’s much harder to eat junk food and you don’t have near as many options at restaurants.

So this time round we are trying it again but going back completely gluten free. I’m not sure how long I will do the liquid portion. I might do liquids for a week or just a day or two and then start calorie counting again but we will see. My main goal is to kind of “cleanse” my body and once I eat normal foods again I will not include wheat. I think this will be a big help. So be prepared for lots of liquid pictures!


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