4/23: Soft Serve Ice Cream with a GF Caramel Rice Cake



My mom babysit’s Mumu on Tuesdays and Wednesdays while I work. Since she watches my son I have to take her son (my younger brother) to Boy Scouts in the evening. Dinner wasn’t done yet (because we had been at the track meet) so I was feeling a little hungry. On the way home I stopped at Super 1 for a couple baking supplies and grabbed my mom and I each a soft serve ice cream cone.. upside down in a cup. Since we have decided to be completely gluten free we were good and tossed out the cones. I did ask for no cones but I guess they would have to weigh the ice cream if they did it that way so they asked if they could just serve it in the cone. 

I took them home and my mom had the brilliant idea of crumbling up some gluten free caramel rice cakes into the soft serve for a cone like experience. It worked! It was a delicious GF substitute that’s only 50 calories. Woot! 


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