4/17: Sweet & Salty Popcorn with a Side of Beef Jerky



Wednesdays really throw me off track because of how my day is set up. I only work two days a week so I can help bring home the bacon while Manly is busy with school but still be able to stay home with Mumu for the other 5 days. In order to make a little extra I skip my lunch hour. I work upstairs for the most part so it’s easy for me to be able to eat while working. On Wednesdays I work upstairs until about 11:30 and then I work downstairs, covering lunches for the main receptionists, until about 2pm. I have this big chunk of time where I’m starving for my lunch but I can’t eat it because I am helping customers and answering phone calls. Because I had to push off my lunch meal I ate one of my snacks instead, 1 oz. of beef jerky (80 calories) and Angie’s popcorn (150 calories). 


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