4/17: Coconut Milk Tapioca with Lychee Fruit and a Fortune Cookie… And BBQ Pork


This was a delicious dessert we had at the Noodle House this evening. It was tapioca made with coconut milk and topped with sesame seeds and lychee fruit. I’m sure it had too many calories to count but it sure was yummy tasting. My fortune read, “Need some adventure and enjoyment? Take a Vacation.” The fortune cookie knew me… I definitely could use a vacation. Just some away time with my crazy busy hubby and our adorable Mumu.

My father in law is someone who doesn’t take his leftovers! I hate wasting. He left perfectly delicious BBQ pork on the table for the trash but I didn’t feel comfortable enough to ask if I could have it. I did grab one piece off the table as we were headed out the door though… hehe.


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