4/15: Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich



My idea for this sandwich came from Reel Flavor and then I made a few changes for a healthier version. It was very tasty! Counting calories and using gluten bread (smaller slices) has made me turn to open faced sandwiches. I then feel like I’m eating twice as much as I actually am.

This breakfast sandwich was made with my gluten free bread, butter, cream cheese, 1/3 cup hashbrowns, 2 turkey sausage links cut in half, 2 egg whites and then topped with ketchup. This was one of those meals where my son was really fussy and upset so I had to scarf it down without being able to enjoy it as I would have liked! In a way I think it hindered my eating choices for the rest of the day. Without being able to embrace this yummy sandwich I felt hungry soon after and ate more than I should have throughout the day. 


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