4/15: GF Scone with Marion Blackberry Jam, Popcorn and Apple Dessert


I didn’t actually eat this all together but I wanted to make sure I shared with you my snacking issues. I was trying to master a gluten free scone today and in the meantime was feeding Mumu popcorn. I have to bite off the kernel part so he can eat it better. So in the end after it adds up and I have a few pieces for myself it comes to this… maybe more. Eek! I also was scraping crumbs from the apple dessert I made last night which probably added up to the little portion on the plate here. 

I will tell you something though… I mastered gluten free scones! They had the perfect texture, all light and fluffy. This picture does not do my scone justice. It tasted way better than this image. By the time lunch time hit my scones were done so I tested one out with butter and reduced sugar marion blackberry jam. Amazing! Yes I will eventually post a recipe for you to make these yourself. 


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