4/13: Dessert Buffet


Of course I ended my night with coffee and a few bites of many desserts. After dinner we headed back home. Mumu and I drove with my mom and my sister took my two brothers home. We were following my sister for about 2 miles when all of a sudden she turned around for no apparent reason. She had very little reception and a few minutes later texted us and said she had been going the wrong way but had turned around and all was well. We immediately responded and were like, “NO! You were going the right way, now you are going the opposite direction!” We never heard anything from her so we ended up at a gas station waiting until she figured out her mistake and turned around. It must have been about 20 minutes before we saw her car drive back by us.

Between my lock himself out of his car for the evening husband and my turn around and go the wrong way back home sister… we must have had some tired people driving around tonight. We did end up stopping 20 minutes from home so I could take over driving for my sister and get us all home safely. All-in-all it was a fun and exciting day. I think I’m done eating out for a while though, especially buffets!


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