4/12: Homemade Gluten Free Hamburger Buns with a Turkey Burger and Fresca


Last night I bought some local gluten free flour at the store to see what my competition would be since I may be selling my gluten free baked goods soon. This bag of flour was supposedly good to use in any recipe as a substitute for regular flour. There was a bread recipe on the side so I decided to follow the recipe once with their flour and then make it again substituting my flour. I then had a blind tasting with my family. Everyone tasted both, not knowing which was which, and then had to choose which was the more successful bread. My flour mixture won! All 6 of us voted for the bread using my flour mixture! Not only did I prove my flour mix is awesome I also discovered a new recipe. I had never had my bread rise so well until tonight. I may make a couple changes (a little more salt maybe?) but overall I scored tonight! This picture is actually of the losing bread but of course it still tasted good and had to be eaten. Yum!

Normally I would have tried to prepare a vegetable of some sort to have with my burger but at this point I didn’t really care if I added any more calories to my plate. I had already eaten more than I had planned for the day!

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