4/10: Teriyaki Beef, Chicken, Tempura Veggies, Rice, Gyoza and an Egg Roll


Boy was I surprised when this tasty dish was set before me! This picture does not do it justice, it was a fantastic dinner!

On our honeymoon Manly and I went to a Japanese restaurant where they served huge tempura vegetables. They fried half an onion in tempura and served it along side other monstrous vegetables I refused to eat. I did not realize I would be getting those same tempura veggies on my plate tonight but this time they were so good! It consisted of tempera broccoli, potato, carrots and onions. They were cut into thin slices and tasted so fresh and the beef and chicken were very flavorful and tender.

I was proud of myself because there was a big mound of rice on my plate. I normally would not have wanted to waste anything and would have eaten it all. I realized beforehand that a healthy serving of rice is only 1/2 a cup. I may have eaten a little more than that but I left the restaurant with over half my rice still on my plate. That alone was at least 150 calories saved from the pit of my stomach. Because the veggies were fried I have no idea how many calories was in this. I still feel I had a good day of moderation so enjoying a dinner out was nothing that would push me off the bandwagon or make me fat off one meal. It was a wonderful date night with my little family!


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