4/7: GF Cinnamon Toast with Turkey Bacon and Black Coffee

4/7: GF Cinnamon Toast with Turkey Bacon and Black Coffee

Once in a blue moon I need cinnamon toast. Today was one of those days. When I was a kid my friend would come to the bus stop with cinnamon toast that looked nothing like the cinnamon toast I grew up eating (still delicious). Just recently I realized hers must have been made in the oven whereas mine was made in the toaster.

I came across oven made cinnamon toast on Pinterest and thought I’d test it out. The original recipe was for 8 slices of toast so I cut the recipe way down and in the meantime accidentally used too little sugar. This still tasted good but more buttery than sweet. I suppose it saved me a few calories in the end. Either way I still plan to keep the recipe I found because I’m pretty sure it’s amazing tasting!

I knew this was going to be higher in calorie but didn’t realize until after I ate it how high it was! Thankfully I only drank black coffee so no cream or creamer had to be counted. I might skip my morning snack today. The gluten free cinnamon toast alone was 300 calories and half a slice of turkey bacon was 20 calories. Eek! I don’t think I will be eating cinnamon toast again anytime soon.


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