4/7: Bibimbap Leftovers

4/7: Bibimbap Leftovers

For lunch today I tried using up the vegetables from last night’s dinner. I thought I’d show you what the bibimbap looks like mixed.

Because the calories were more than I would have like for lunch I cut the meat down to 1 oz. This bowl of bibimbap is 1 oz. beef (55 calories) with carrots (18 calories), zucchini (15 calories), bean sprouts (13 calories), mushrooms (5 calories), 1/2 cup rice (120 calories) and a fried egg (75 calories). The bulgogi sauce is 10 calories which puts my lunch total at 333 calories. Sadly I put too much red pepper paste so it was spicier than I’d have liked. I like a little burn to my lips but anything beyond that I would rather have as a side dish than my main meal.


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