4/7: Amaretto Latte with Whipped Topping

4/7: Amaretto Latte with Whipped Topping

I have definitely noticed that my worst time of the day for being appetitis (inflammation of the appetite, pig out mode) is immediately following lunch. I especially want a treat around this time. I usually wait to make a latte until the evening and then end up eating two snacks in between lunch and dinner. Today I decided to make my latte after lunch so I could enjoy the sweetness and hopefully eliminate one of my snacks. I realize this is calories but since I end up waiting until the evening to drink a latte then I either A) don’t get to enjoy a night time latte because I have eaten too many calories during the day due to the extra snack or B) I drink a latte in addition to the two snacks which puts me over my daily allotted amount of calories, which I’m trying to avoid!

This latte was 1/2 cup 1% milk (55 calories), 1/2 cup coffee (2 calories), 1 tbs. amaretto creamer (35 calories) and 2 tbs. whipped topping (20 calories). Total treat = 112 calories. I was excited to find I was satisfied after drinking this!


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