4/2: Steak, Onion Rings and Fries with A1 & Ketchup

4/2: Steak, Onion Rings and Fries with A1 & Ketchup

By the time I got home tonight I thought I was starving and totally destroyed every healthy choice I had worked toward today. I did not end up finishing everything on this plate but I am disappointed in my lack of self control.

I realized that what I most need to work on at this point is accepting serving sizes as what they are and not letting other people decide my eating habits for me.

My husband commutes to school 5 days a week which is a total of 4 hours of driving each day. Twice a week he stays out of town so he can use his free time to study rather than driving home. Currently we are staying with my family so we can save up money and so I am not home alone all the time (no we have not always lived with my family). The reason I’m telling you this is because many times I get in the rhythm of eating healthy but the moment my mom fails I go down with her. If she eats tons of onion rings and fries then I go right along with it. It happens in the reverse as well.

Together we can make or break each other’s habits. I need to work on choosing the healthier option not only for my own well being but to set a much needed example for my mom as well. Wish me luck because now I can see the battle I must overcome!


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