3/27: Bunny Shortbread Cookie

3/27: Bunny Shortbread Cookie

My mom and I stopped at the bread store this evening and they had free cookie samples. I was actually good and saved it so I could take a picture… maybe not as good as I think though because I ate the cookie. As you can probably tell I make some healthy choices and then some very unhealthy choices. Right now I have been trying to focus on just keeping track of my diet so I can visibly see the good and the bad choices I make. What I have shown you in these pictures is my normal daily diet. I may start well and then it all goes off track. Until doing this I didn’t realize I consumed as much food as I do. With Easter coming and plans to get together with family this weekend I’m still going to keep track of my diet so I see how I eat through the holidays. Once April 1st hits I am going to focus on pushing out the bad foods and introducing some new healthier recipes into my diet… so bare with me. Yes, I am ashamed with the amount of food I post!

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